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Port of Ambarlı will be enlarged on the areas, planned throughout the coming years, and flourished with technologic investments. By the increase which will be obtained in transportation and company number connected to the port, specialized knowledge and services of ALTAŞ will receive more demand. And these developments are not only important for Port of Ambarlı but also important for the development of our country. However, ALTAŞ knows that these developments will not be achieved easily. Providing enlargement and development means to make choice. But the quality is the key for making these options.

Three objectives for the future;
  • To strengthen the international competitive position of the Port and the industrial complex;
  • To help for strengthening the economical structure of the city and the region;
  • To give support for achieving a better living area and environment
The followings are among the important components of Port of Ambarlı's vision;
  • Physical condition of the port and to provide the enlargement throughout the sea within the technologic possibilities,
  • To form a city port through congregating the port with the city, residential area and working environment;
  • To improve the accessibility of port by sea way, railway and more efficient land route;
  • To find creative solutions in order to strengthen the existing services.

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