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S.S. Istanbul Batı Yakası Kumcuları Üretim ve Pazarlama Kooperatifi (presently, it is called as Kumport Port Services and Logistics Trade Co. Inc.), which was established on Zeytinburnu coast of Istanbul in the beginning of 1980’s, was carried to Ambarli - Yakuplu region in 1989 with the decision of planting this and similar facilities outside of the city which had been taken by the Metropolitan Municipality that was in charge in that period within the rapprochement of "rapid urbanization and image failure in the city". In the region, at first, the first steps of Port of Ambarlı were taken with the development plan approved in 1989 as Kumcular Barınagı.

During the first construction stage of Port of Ambarlı, having that the Ministry of Transport (MoT) and other public bodies and organizations searched for single respondent upon the increase of entrepreneurs asked for carrying activities at the port, redoubled the necessity of forming an entity to which the existing companies at the port would be a partner. Consequently, upon the request of the Ministry of Transport made in September 09th, 1992, ALTAŞ Ambarlı Port Facilities Trade Co. Inc. was established. The Ministry of Transport and the Undersecretariat of Maritime Affairs laid down that all companies will affiliate with this entity ensuring the common representation for all authorities which was given or will be given in Port of Ambarlı as a prerequisite for the purpose of maintaining this established pilot and effective structure. From that date, ALTAŞ fulfilled or will fulfil all duties and responsibilities of which it is expected to perform in Port of Ambarlı in order to ensure that terminals and entities that became a partner to it within the partnership structure established according to its business basis, achieve their targets.

Following to its foundation, Port of Ambarlı lay out plan was approved by the Ministry of Public Works and Settlement in 1993 with a planning in which ALTAŞ that had started its activities right after its foundation, was going to furnish services as an armchair port, congregating several demands of existing terminals in Port of Ambarlı under a single plan and needed for Istanbul.

While the region to which the port was affiliated during the establishment years of ALTAŞ Ambarlı Port Facilities Trade Co. Inc., in 2004 it was taken into the boundaries of Metropolitan Municipality. Although Port of Ambarlı was in the boundaries of Gürpınar Municipality before the year of 1993, nowadays Port of Ambarlı moves ahead with Yakuplu Local Municipality because it is within the boundaries of Yakuplu Local Municipality founded in 1994.

On the other hand, because of the trade volume, increased by the liberalization of our country's economy, promoted the demand, this brought out the necessity of enlarging Port of Ambarlı and with the planning made on the date of 02nd September 1998; in order to serve larger merchant vessels ALTAŞ Ambarlı Lay Out Plan was revised.

When we came to present days, namely to the years of 2000's, by reason of having that the World Container Transportation activity was claimed over the estimations and accordingly that the vessel lines to Port of Ambarlı and container vessels operating in this lines became more important, the needs of Port of Ambarlı's plan were determined in terms of vessel manoeuvres and the use of container storage areas, and the development plan, which had been prepared and proposed by ALTAŞ in 2003, accepted by the Ministry of Public Works and Settlement on the date of 15th September 2006 with some limitations.

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