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ALTAŞ Ambarlı Port Facilities Trade Co. Inc. determined the following main values for achieving its objectives.

Reliability Loyalty to agreements;
Commercial Gumption Having that the declared methods and vision have prescience and concept;
Being Customer-Oriented To give priority to the interest of Port of Ambarlı and its customers;
Protective Responsibility To distribute the resources of Port of Ambarlı in an honest and accountable manner, and at the same time to work as being environmentally-conscious and knowingly its responsibilities;
Sustainability work for the future in order to be a European Port in the World class.

While ascending Turkey and World trade brings the Port of Ambarlı to a positive starting point, but at the same time there are plenty of difficulties encountered for enduring this development.

ALTAŞ Ambarli Port Facilities Trade Co. Inc., gets ahead on this position together with its partners as a coordinator.

To maintain and to strengthen the competitive position of Port of Ambarlı through focusing the coming years,
To raise the benefits obtained from the infrastructure to the maximum level, to form a structure which will be used for long years,
To maintain the continuity of commercial fleet berthing to port,
To maintain and enhance the land connections from port to hinterlands,
are duties of which ALTAŞ encounters.

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